A Week in Arkansas

Last week I went with Janet to northwestern Arkansas.  We had several reasons for going.  Janet's parents live in Bentonville, and I had not seen them for several years.  And it was Craft Fair week, with a dozen or so craft fairs in the area, and we were hoping to do a lot of Christmas shopping.  And, most enticing of all, Bentonville is the home of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  I have wanted to see Crystal Bridges since it opened in 2011.

First up were the craft fairs.  War Eagle Mill is a beautiful place, and the craft fair is wonderful. 
War Eagle Mill
I got quite a bit of Christmas shopping done.  My annual goal is to be through by November, and I'm darned close.  I may make it!

We spent an afternoon at Crystal Bridges.  I love the spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois in the entrance courtyard.
Janet and LaVerne in front of "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois
The museum is built over Crystal Spring.  A beautiful building in a beautiful setting.
"Big Red Lens" by Frederick Eversley
Janet's father is a founding director of the Veterans Wall of Honor in Bentonville.  It hadn't been finished last time I visited, so of course we had to go see it.  Very impressive!
Leonard and Janet at the Wall
I'm home again and hard at work reorganizing my studio.  A couple of quick "before" pictures (or more accurately, "in progress" pictures).  Hopefully the "after" pictures will follow soon.  I've been at this 2 weeks (minus the 5 days spent in Bentonville) and am heartily sick of the mess!
My sewing machine is under there somewhere.
Can't use the Gammill either