Monday, October 10, 2016

The Fall Art With Fabric Blog Hop is Here!

I was very excited to be asked once again by Alida of Tweety Loves Quilting to join the fall version of the "Art With Fabric Blog Hop!"   I've been having a lot of fun this year using existing art pieces to inspire my work.  And it's always fun to share my process with you!

My inspiration piece for this challenge was chosen by a friend of mine, Beth G.  She had seen the work of Aaron Karp in a gallery in Santa Fe and was struck by the colors, shapes and textures of his work.  So she challenged my fiber art group to use one his paintings, Granada, to use as our starting  point for a piece of original fiber art.
Granada by Aaron Karp
I will admit I stared at this painting for a while.  Several things grabbed my attention:  the circles imposed over the grid, the texture of the cross-hatched lines, the colors.  After a bit of thought I decided to focus on a small section of the picture.  I enlarged a section and printed it out.
Now that I had a vague idea about what I was going to make, I pulled fabric.

And cut some strips.  Some were slightly curved, all were cut without using a ruler.  I like my strips and pieces to be "organic."
I placed strips on my design wall and, when I was happy with the combinations, I started to sew the strips together:
I used both solids and textured fabrics, mostly tone-on-tone:
 When I got a group together, I cut into the piece to insert the "cross-hatched" lines:
I pieced the quilt in three sections, each one slashed with lines:
And then I sewed them together.  The final piece, before quilting, is 18" x 22".
Strat Study #1
At this point, I realized that the quilt had somehow morphed into a geological study.  And coincidentally, my latest series is based on rocks and minerals.  How did that happen?

At studioQ, my fiber art group, we all shared our pieces based on Aaron Karp's painting.  I love our different interpretations!

Be sure to visit the other Blog Hop participants this week.  The other blog hop participants for Monday are:

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Check them out and see some FABULOUS work!


beaquilter said...

How neat that you super imposed it, and such a neat result!

Patty D from NC said...

I just love what you did! The color choices work so well together.

AlidaP said...

What a great idea to focus on a small section and reinterpret that! It creates a wonderful piece that resembles the original but the connection is much more subtle. I have to steal this idea! :) thanks for participating in the hop!!!

Lovelli Quilts said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment. I love your interpretation of the artist's work and how the project morphed into something else. Great job!!

quiltedfabricart said...

Oh! I love theses colors together! And the striata effect is gorgeous. Well done! And thank you for showing the rest of the fiber groups work. Very interesting

Janis Doucette said...

Creative! Love your approach!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

What a great interpretation. I admit I would have been stuck. Love, love seeing how different all the pieces from your fiber group were. I'm also grinning at how your piece morphed into the familiar geological shapes you've been working with lately. That is certainly where you artist's eye is right now, and the results are lovely!

LA Paylor said...

how very interesting. I know we all look at a painting and see something different but you really brought this into the light. It's intriguing Heather, great job! LeeAnna

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

A wonderful interpretation! Thanks for sharing your creative process, and the work of your fiber group.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Heather, I really like your interpretation. It was great to see the quilts from the quilters in your group.

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