Moby Dick at the Winspear Opera House

Most of you don't know this, and why would you(?), but I adore opera.  I didn't always, it's true, but about 20 years ago Brian and I attended a production of Verdi's Macbeth by the Houston Grand Opera and I fell in love.  I was mesmerized by the luscious music, the stunning sets and the dramatic story.  It was an amazing experience, and I have loved going to the opera ever since.  I was hooked.  We became season ticket holders and saw pretty much every production the HGO put on for the 9 years we lived in Houston.

Then we moved to Fort Worth.  It's been several years since I've seen live opera.  And then about a month ago, a friend invited me to attend a production of Moby-Dick at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas.  Of course I said yes.

Moby-Dick is a contemporary opera.  It debuted in Dallas in 2010 to critical raves.  I was excited to see it.
And it didn't disappoint.  The Winspear itself is visually exciting.  We sat high in the Mezzanine, looking down on the orchestra pit.  I was rather worried at first, because there was a gigantic chandelier obstructing our view of the stage.
But I needn't have worried.  As the lights went down, the chandelier went up.
The music was beautiful and the sets, which incorporated a lot of digital imagery, were visually exciting.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So much so, in fact, that I've already got a ticket for Madame Butterfly in March.  I can't wait!


Heather, do you know about the MetLive productions (Metropolitan Opera streamed live in HD at movie theatres)? I enjoy this even more than live opera, because you can see everything really well--and it's much less expensive. I'm really looking forward to the production this Saturday of "L'amour de Loin," by a contemporary Finnish composer. Info here:
Maria Shell said…
I sure didn't know this was a secret love yours, but I am glad you are back to enjoying it!
I too enjoy opera. My daughter (a classical musician) has helped to educate me & often asks me to accompany her to performances. Moby Dick was performed here, in Adelaide South Australia, a year or two ago. The first performance in Australia. I attended with my husband who describes himself as "a philistine". He was caught up in the production from the opening of the curtains. You are right the set, enhanced by the digital imagery, made it very exciting. We both enjoyed it thoroughly. Madama Butterfly always moves me. I hope you have a great cast of voices and enjoy it very much.