Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Very Modern Weekend

I pretty much spent this weekend at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, both going to the opening of a new exhibit and touring an exiting exhibit.  What a great way to spend a weekend!

On Friday, B and I attended a dinner and artist talk for the opening of a new show by Stanley Whitney.  Mr. Whitney referred to himself as a "process painter" -- he apparently starts with a general format in mind, and places each block of color based on "feel."  He said he lays down a color and then stares at it, letting it tell him what to do next.  His work is abstract, and all about balance and intuition.
Stanley Whitney
SunRa, 2016, by Stanley Whitney
On Saturday, the North Texas SAQA group toured the exhibit KAWS: Where the End Starts.  A very different kind of art indeed.  KAWS' work is rooted in graffiti and pop culture, playfully tweaking iconic images of Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Felix the Cat and the Simpsons.  Fascinating stuff!
The Snoopy piece on the left is "Five Suspects"

Some of the pieces are very large
Posing outside the Modern with a big blue Elmo behind us
I love living in Fort Worth, and part of that is the easy access to fabulous museums.  The Modern, the Kimbell and the Amon Carter are all amazing.  I'm a lucky woman!

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Jay Dodds said...

Fun day and even more exciting when I got home and saw all the wonderful international success of the Wome 's Marchs everywhere!!!

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