Another Goal Met!

VOLCANO!,  32"w x 48"l, 2017
I have been a member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) for something like ten years.  It's a wonderful organization, dedicated to promoting the art quilt, and providing networking, professional development and educational opportunities to its members.  One of the most exciting things about SAQA is their strong exhibition program, giving members the chance to show their art quilts all over the world.

It has been a goal of mine to get juried into one of the shows.  I've tried three times, but the fourth time was the charm!  My quilt, VOLCANO!, was chosen for the Textile Posters show that will debut at the Houston International Quilt Festival next November.

I am thrilled!  My work is usually very abstract, but for this call I wanted to do something more graphic and representational.  So here are a few process pictures.  And yes, before someone asks, you can see bits of a large black and white quilt behind the volcano.  I had to finish the volcano before I went back to it -- it had a tighter deadline.  So I just hung a piece of white fabric over the black and white monster.

First, I built the center core.  You can see I've stayed firmly in my palette comfort zone -- love those hot colors!
I pieced the volcano:
And then I pieced the background.  
And added a pyroclastic plume.
 And finally, I quilted it.
I am thrilled to have gotten into my first SAQA exhibition.  Now I'm back to work on the black and white monster!


Maria Shell said…
Love the quilt. It deserves to be in the show. Congrats!
Kit said…
Agreed! congratulations Heather!!
Jaye Dodds said…
Wahoo! Good for you. my friend! I may have to get to Houston this year!
Sarah Ann Smith said…
I'm astounded this is your first acceptance! Should
A been's to many more.
Norma Schlager said…
Good for you on your persistence. It's a beautiful quilt and certainly deserves to be in the show.
Great piece! Congratulations on getting into the exhibition. Someday I hope I can get into one as well.