Getting Away From It All, Part II

Hello again from Andros Island.  We had a fabulous time!
Andros is a beautiful place.  Pristine beaches, interesting towns, friendly people, plentiful birds and wildlife. But it is especially known for blue holes. Blue holes are deep circular depressions that form in carbonate rocks (limestone) when acidic rainwater erodes the rock.  The limestone on Andros has worn away into a series of interconnected underwater caves.  The water is fresh and clear at the surface and salty near the bottom.  Andros has over 220 blue holes, some inland and some in the ocean.  We visited Captain Bill's blue hole, in the middle of a pine forest, which is 440 feet in diameter and very very deep.
The water was cool and refreshing, and very blue.
And you could jump off a platform into the water.  About a 15 foot drop.  Some of our group were brave enough to do it -- but luckily there was also a ladder.
We visited a batik factory, Androsia.  How cool is that?  I bought some yardage.
 But we spent a large amount of time relaxing on the porch looking out over Bonefish Bay.
And watching the sun set over the mangrove tidal flat.

And walking on the beach, looking for shells and driftwood and watching the crabs scuttle by.
And kayaking, sailboarding, swimming or sailing on the bay during high tide.
It was a wonderful, relaxing, stimulating vacation.  Andros Island is a special place.  I want to go back.