The Results Are In!

The Tapioca Resist Experiment is over, and the results are in!

It was an adventure to wash the resist off of the fabrics! Luckily, Rhonda came over and helped soak and scrape off the gelatinous tapioca.  It was a sticky, gloppy mess.  If she hadn't helped, there is a good chance I'd still be scraping and soaking.  And scraping some more. Or, more likely, I would have thrown the whole mess in the garbage.

Pretty cool texture.  But I'm still not convinced they were worth the time they took.  I would estimate between applying tapioca and trying to get it off, 4 1/2 hours of hands on work by me, 2 1/2 hours by Rhonda.  Pretty labor intensive.  And the net yield was 2 yards of fabric.

What do you think? I have two more boxes of "Minute Tapioca."  Should I use it as a resist, or should Brian and I just have some pudding?

I spent most of last week working on some small pieces.  All of them will be in the neighborhood of 12" x 12" when quilted.  Three of these are commission pieces, and the others will debut at my solo show in June.


Kathi Casey said…
Thanks for publishing your results...thinking about doing some resist work again in a few weeks, and Tonya just said I think wax is the most dependable thing....sounds like I can iron out wax as easily as scraping tapioca!
Jaye Dodds said…
I'm getting ready to rinse our mashed potatoes right now! I think tapioca would be better eaten!
Rhonda said…
The tapioca did yield some good results, however I don't think the time spent justified the small amount of fabric we produced. I like what we got.