The Root of the Problem

I wrote earlier today about the latest critique group challenge, the monthly exercise in using an existing piece of art as the inspiration piece for a quilt.  We've created pieces using paintings, sculptures and architectural forms as our starting point.  This month we were presented with the painting "Cliche" by Stuart Davis, painted in 1955.  You might want to click on the link above to see the actual painting.  I spent the afternoon in the studio, and this is my take:
The Root of the Problem, unquilted, approximately 16" x 25"
It started off looking very treelike on the design wall.  Hence the roots.  But as I sewed it together, I added and subtracted bits, and the tree disappeared.  Only the roots remain.

What do you think?  Did I get far enough from the painting?   


Karol Kusmaul said…
I love this! Adding the different values gives your piece so much depth!!
Margaret said…
I do indeed think you got 'far enough' from the original -- and extracted something uniquely yours. I like it very much!
Sarah Ann Smith said…
Definitely made it your own....I also like your piece if you tilt your head to the left (rotate clockwise once)....if rotated it needs something added to the red rectangle, in this orientation it works as is....I really stink at abstracts so I admire your ability to do them! They are SO much harder than they appear!
Heather Pregger said…
Sarah, that is how I originally pieced it -- one quarter clockwise from the orientation I photographed it! And I had originally planned to add some curved lines to that red triangle. But then I turned it and like the new orientation better.

/Great minds and all that!