Two NTAQ Challenges

Life has been a bit busy.  I missed posting the result of the March Art Challenge.  And I waited so long, I now have pictures of the April Art Challenge as well!

In March, it was my turn to chose an inspiration piece.  A friend had posted a picture of this painting by Giuseppe Capogrossi.  She had seen it in the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome. 
Giuseppe Capogrossi, Superficie 290, 1958
I was not familiar with Capogrossi, but his bold abstraction caught my eye.  

Our pieces were wonderful.  Here they are on Kay's living room floor:
I love the way we all played off the comb-like shapes.  Wendy's piece, the blue one in the center, is marvelous, isn't it?  

My piece is the one on the left.  Here it is on my design wall.  It is approximately 22" x 30":
Last month, Jaye presented us with a painting by Kandinsky:
Wassily Kandinsky, Poppy Field
Our takes on the piece were, as always, very different.  Kay (top left), paper pieced a poppy, Wendy (top right) used some clamped shibori fabric, Jaye's piece (bottom right) featured squares of color united by a white line:
My piece, below, was done using my usual squinting technique.  I pinned the picture on my design wall, squinted at it and started pulling fabrics to match the palette of the painting.  I cut rectangular pieces and placed them to more or less follow the flow of color in the picture.  And I added little white rectangles -- I really like that effect:
It isn't quilted yet.  At the moment it is approximately 18" x 20".

I think I like this orientation.  I had originally intended the sky (the blue) to be at the top, but I like the look of the green stems rising from the bottom.  What do you think?

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Norma Schlager said…
Great interpretations for both. I especially like the way you pulled all the colors for the second one.
I love your black and white quilt! very striking - looking on nina's blog I picked yours out of all the thumbnails right off to check out first. That's like looking at a quilt show and seeing a quilt across the room and saying wow!
good job!
Vera Holmgren said…
Kanditsky is one of my favourites!