The Best of 2018 in Photos

The year started with a fabulous trip to Japan.  We visited temples and shrines, ate traditional Japanese food, and visited the Tokyo Quilt Show:
Banded Iron Formation #1 was part of "Art Quilt Elements" at the Wayne Art Center in Pennsylvania:
I went to the SAQA TEXtiles conference in San Antonio.  I bought two wonderful art quilts:
And I led a panel discussion on 3D exhibits and gave a lightning talk on "inspiration vs. Emulation:"
 I had a quilt in the SAQA Texas regional exhibit which debuted during the SAQA Conference:
Brian and I went barrel tasting in Sonoma County, California:
I became the Chairman of the SAQA Exhibition Committee:
The Salt Marsh Near First Encounter Beach won a blue ribbon in the AQS Spring Paducah show:
 I made my 50th Tuning Fork quilt:
I dyed many yards of fabric.  Some with indigo, using various types of shibori techniques:
 And I dyed a lot of solids as well:
Natalie Friedman and I gave a talk about the Tokyo Quilt Show at a Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting:
Volcano! was featured in an article on the SAQA "Posters" exhibit in Quilting Arts Magazine:
Brian and I went to lovely, cool, Colorado in August, visiting our good friends in Evergreen:
 I wrote an article for Quilting Arts Magazine:
I went to British Columbia with Maria Shell and Colleen Kole.  We spent a wonderful week on Denman Island:
To get to Nanaimo, BC, we rode a seaplane from Vancouver.  My first time!
Maria was teaching a class on Denman Island.  I made two pieces:
In Nanaimo, BC, we spent a couple of days with Barb Mortell and Kathy Coulter:
 And, would you believe it, there is a great big tuning fork in Nanaimo!  I felt right at home:
 I went to International Quilt Festival in November.  I attended the final Dinner@8 dinner:
I had two quilts in the show.  My Dinner@8 piece, "Water Music:"
And "Rutile" in the SAQA Metamorphosis exhibit. I led several gallery talks for SAQA on the Metamorphosis exhibit:
 I attended several really great local art exhibits.  Fort Worth has three wonderful art museums:
 I won two ribbons at the AQS Fall Paducah show.  Wild Thing won second place:
I had (have actually -- it is open until mid-January) four quilts in "Stitched Construct" at the Sabine Street Studios in Houston, TX:
 Heat Wave is still on view at the "Quilts=Art=Quilts" exhibit at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, New York, until January 6:
Brian and I met friends in Paso Robles County, California, for Thanksgiving.  We stayed in a house surrounded by vineyards, and of course did a little bit of wine tasting:
All in all, a wonderful year!  I can't wait to see what 2019 will bring!


Vera Holmgren said…
Wow what a marvellous year! Whish you all the best for 2019.
Mel Beach said…
What a fun journey through your photos...thank you for sharing!
Andy said…
Fabulous! Thanks for posting! May this New Year be even better!!!!!