My New Studio on Cape Cod!

Brian and I got home last night from a wonderful week on Cape Cod with his father.  Ahhhh!  I want to go back already!

The trip had several highlights/lowlights.  The first was Hurricane Dorian, seen behind Brian and Pop at Nauset Light Beach:
The Hurricane hit later that evening.  We had 2.68 inches of rain and some pretty strong winds.  But it wasn't as bad as expected, thank goodness:
We encountered this strange robot at the local Stop and Shop.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and one friend pointed out that it looked a bit like one of my Tuning Forks come to life.  Yikes.  After a bit of online research, it seems its function is to find spills and messes.  Apparently, it doesn't do it very well.  And really, it is kind of creepy, isn't it?
We celebrated Brian's birthday with his favorite cake:
We continued to redecorate the house.  Little by little, we are making it our own:
But the most exciting thing that happened last week was the creation of my new studio.  I am thrilled!
Brian bought me a Pfaff Passport 2.0 as an early birthday present:
We bought a table and a great chair.  I lugged quite a bit of sewing equipment in my suitcase.  Pop's old computer desk serves as a nice, sturdy sewing table.  And Brian installed some really great lighting.  To be honest, the lighting is better in this little basement studio than it is in my lovely, airy home studio:
I found a piece of blue foam insulation board in a corner of the basement.  Wrapped in batting, it made a great design wall.  Next time I'm on the Cape I'll make it bigger:
Yes, it is a basement, but it is mine.  I am thrilled to have a place to sew at our Cape house.  I hope to do a lot of really wonderful work there!  My first (nearly finished) piece:
It is in four chunks.  I'll post a picture when it is done.


Jaye said…
How great is that!!! I know your heart sings to be able to continue creating wherever you are!!
Julierose said…
Oh that is so exciting to have your very own sewing spot at the Cape House. How do you like the Pfaff Passport 2? I am sort of looking for a 2nd machine....hugs, Julierose
Robin W. said…
I'm really in love with your blue tablescape!!!
Unknown said…
Hi Heather! Sorry I missed you that week. Loving your work! Watch out for spiders in that basement!! Denise