Breaking in a New Studio Assistant

On September 29th, we picked out a new kitten at the Humane Society of North Texas.  Meet Kippers, our new housemate and my new studio assistant:
 It had been a long time since we've had a kitten around the house.  After all, Boomer was over 17 when he died.  I had forgotten how rambunctious a kitten can be.  Let's just say that she is 4 1/2 pounds of sheer dynamite.  She is trying to help in the studio, though.  In the collage below, she is sorting my scraps, turning on and off my light, organizing my tabletop wastebasket.  All very helpful:
 We fully intended to get an older cat.  1 to 2 years old.  But I fell in love:
 She doesn't just play hard, she sleeps hard as well:
When awake, she is learning the studio rules.  Well, sort of.  One is stay off the longarm.  We haven't quite got that one down yet:
 And don't pop through the harp of the sewing machine.  That one is still a work in progress:
I anticipate many years with my new assistant.   Welcome to my studio, Kippers!