QuiltCon 2020 and Layered and Stitched

I am just home from QuiltCon 2020 in Austin, Texas.  What a great show!

Of course, the first thing I had to do upon arrival was walk by my quilt, Effervescence, in the pieced category of the juried show.  That is it on the right:
I hung out with some really great friends:
And ate at some great restaurants.  Threadgills is an Austin institution, home of Southern American food and live music.  Janice Joplin got her start here:
And Voodoo Donuts has a downtown Austin location.  We had to check it out.  I had the Portland Cream, and it was worth every calorie:
When I registered for the conference, I was given the option of purchasing a lecture pass.  Great idea!  I attended eight lectures, and they were all very well presented and packed with useful information.  I saw presentations by Teresa Duryea Wong, Marianne and Mary Fons, Heidi Parks, Maritza Soto, Dr. Sandra Sider, Victoria Pyle...every single one was fabulous.
Kerri and I went to the Texas Quilt Museum in LaGrange, Texas, to see the SAQA exhibit "Layered and Stitched."  This is a quilt by Jane Burch Cochran.  Jane was in the exhibit at the Oulu Museum of Art with me.  Her work is folky and delightful:
"Layered and Stitched" is packed with iconic works.  Here is a small piece by the wonderful Nancy Crow, who has taught me so much:
A kimono shaped quilt by Judith Content, one of my favorite quilt artists:
 A really wonderful piece by my dear friend, Maria Shell:
 An intriguing piece by Dianne Firth:
 Dianne's piece was sheer and hung a couple of inches from the wall.  I loved the shadow:
 A whole cloth quilt by the Pixeladies:
 And a striking piece by Lisa Kijak:

But of course the star of the QuiltCon show itself were the quilts. I took tons of pictures.   I'll post about them next.