Journal Making Class -- Journal #2

Journal 2 is a sketchbook with removable pages. I used pieces of my hand-dyed fabrics on both the outside and inside cover of this one. To cover the closure, I stamped a piece of the fabric trimmed from the body of the journal with a sun stamp by Sherril Kahn.

I had fun with the watercolor washes -- about half of the pages are done this way. I alternated washed watercolor pages with plain sketchbook paper.

The hardest part of this project was the grommets -- not installing them but finding them. I looked all over and finally found them at my local Ace Hardware store. After spending several hours running around Fort Worth looking for grommets, I spent about 10 minutes putting them in.


Lise said…
Your journals are great Heather!! Before I read your text, I thought of SueB. I was very lucky some weeks ago - she sent me one of hers, and I love it.
I have enjoyed the rest of your blog since my last visit - I'll be back soon!!
Fannie said…
Very nice, Heather. I'm behind in class. I just got my grommets.

May I have your mailing address, please?
Deb said…
Heather, your journal is beautiful. The hand-dyed fabric is gorgeous. It's fun to see how another hand dyer is using her fabric for the journals. You are obviously way ahead of me in dying skills. You give me something to aspire to. Love the way you composed the whole journal.
Jacq said…
Heather, Your fabrics are beautiful and I love all the pages on the inside of your journal.