Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Work

I finished quite a few quilts the week before the TVQG show. Several of them were only lacking binding, some needed quilting, some embellishing. It was crazy -- remind me not to wait to quilt and bind my quilts until the last minute next year!

This is "Doorway." It is pieced with commercial batiks and my hand dyed fabric, and embellished with a tube of mulberry paper and silk and a piece of distressed embossed aluminum:

I didn't get any closeups of the quilting, but it is done in a "wonky crosshatch" pattern.

This is "New Spring." I probably had posted pictures of this quilt before, but I reworked the embellishment. It was pieced with hand painted, hand dyed, and stamped fabric as well as a few commercial batiks, rubbed with shiva paint sticks and embellished with embossed brass pieces:

This is a very simple piece called "Mulch." I seem to be very interested in blocks of color these days. This was pieced using only two pieces of my hand dyed fabric, and quilted in what I call the "dead tree" pattern. I really like the green/gold/brown/red violet piece I dyed:

This week I am relaxing. So far I've played bridge, shopped, had lunch with friends and gotten my hair cut. Today I'm cleaning house. Tomorrow I have nothing planned -- I'm hoping that the motivation to work returns!

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