Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Phew! King Sized Log Cabin Finished!

It took me forever (well, almost!), but I finally finished quilting my king-sized log cabin:

A closeup of the center motif. I quilted ferny feathers in the pink/orange/yellow and a medium meander in the black:

The quilting really pops on the back:

I used Hobbs Tuscany silk batting in this quilt. First time I've tried it, and it is wonderful. Lightweight yet with a little loft. Very easy to quilt.

Thank goodness it's finished. Well, except for the binding....


Fannie said...

Very extraordinarily beautiful, Heather. Hobbs silk batting . . . I have never heard of that. Will need to try that.

What a major accomplishment. Congrats! Major Congrats!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jacq said...

Your quilt is amazing. I love the colors.

Heather P said...

Thank you, Fannie and Jacq! I am so glad to have it finished. I took it with me to Cape Cod last week and finished the binding. It's ready for the TVQG show!

Fannie said...


Vivien said...

Amazing! Quite a piece of art, I must say.

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