Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pop's visit

My father-in-law has been visiting for the last two weeks. He lives in New Jersey, and always enjoys escaping the cold weather up north for some Texas sunshine. November in North Texas is lovely. Temperatures are mild and the leaves are changing color. A beautiful time of year to be here.

We took a mini-trip last week to Austin and Fredericksburg. In Austin, we toured the state capital and the LBJ presidential library. The library had a wonderful exhibit on the space race, from the beginning to the walk on the moon. It was absolutely fascinating. And we had dinner at Chuy's, always a fun place to go. We also drove to Johnson City and Stonewall and toured the LBJ ranch, also known as the "Texas White House."

In Fredericksburg we spent an entire day in the Museum of the Pacific War and the Nimitz museum. Admiral Chester Nimitz grew up in Fredericksburg. His family owned the hotel that now houses the museum, a large structure that looks a great deal like a steamboat. The museum has an exhibit detailing the Admiral's life and career, and a huge exhibit about the WWII Pacific war, from the bombing at Pearl Harbor to Japan's surrender. It was amazingly interesting. The exhibit interspersed information about the various battles with information about life in the US during the war. Very well done and, like I said, surprisingly engaging.

Outside the museum is a Peace Garden, a gift from the people of Japan. It was a beautiful place to sit and reflect about the horror of war and the resilience of nature. Pop, who was in the Army Air Force in WWII, enjoyed it immensely:

When we entered the museum, Pop mentioned that he was a veteran of WWII. He was given free admission and treated like a VIP. It was wonderful.

We also managed to do some shopping, eat German food and drink some local beer.

Back home, we enjoyed our time together and the beautiful weather. Brian took this shot of the pineapple sage in bloom:

Pop and Brian also share an interest in trains. We visited Temple train station, climbing through some of the rail stock they have on show. Here's Pop driving a train:

I really hated to take Pop to the station in Fort Worth to catch the train back home. We had a wonderful visit, and our time together is too short.
But, it's time for me to get back to work. Machine quilting work is literally pouring in, and I have lots of quilts to finish before Christmas. I've also started piecing a new fiber art piece. So I better get cracking!


Fannie said...

What a nice post, Heather. Thanks for sharing your family and your trips.

Happy Thanksgiving. You are loved!

Jacq said...

What a wonderful post. We were in Fredericksburg a few years ago and spent a few hours at the museum.

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