Monday, March 30, 2009

Off to Ohio

I am leaving for Ohio tomorrow morning. I'll be gone for three weeks: one week with my brother and his family in Columbus and 2 weeks in Baltimore, Ohio, at Nancy Crow's Timber Frame Barn. I am nearly ready to go, but how does one pack for 3 weeks away from home? I am sure I am taking far too many things, although one of my two large suitcases is packed exclusively with class supplies. The other is stuffed with clothes, books, knitting projects, my favorite pillow....and probably too much stuff altogether.

I am taking a two week dyeing course at the Timber Frame Barn from Carol Soderlund. The first week we will be working with silk, and the second with cotton. I can't wait to get started!

Brian and I spent last weekend with our friends Micki and Bryce at their beautiful house on Lake Granbury. On Saturday, which was cold and windy, we toured wineries: Barking Rocks in Granbury and Bluff Dale Winery in Bluff Dale. We sampled some great wine, bought several bottles and cooked a wonderful dinner Saturday night. I made an appetizer with salsify, which neither Micki nor Bryce had ever eaten, Brian made risotto with chestnuts and Micki cooked some lovely beef tenderloins. Bryce was saving his cooking skills for the next morning -- he was in charge of Sunday breakfast. After breakfast, we hopped into Bryce's boat and motored up the Brazos River to horseshoe bend. Quite a few miles up the river. We saw lots of wildlife -- pelicans, hawks, ospreys, all kinds of ducks, a tree with 4 blue heron nests (all occupied), egrets, even a swan. So cool! I haven't been on a boat since we went narrowboating in England.

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Stitchwhiz said...

My rule for packing is always "take half as many clothes and twice as much money as you think you'll need." Give my regards to my hometown Columbus and have fun!

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