Sunday, September 6, 2009


We're having a good summer as far as the orchids go. They seem to be very happy, and we've had some beautiful blooms. Two are currently blooming, and Brian took some pictures with his new phone (which has more megapixels than my old camera) for me.

The is Ept Lakeview Red. I love the fringes:

This is Cattlianthe (Lc.) Loog Tone = Ctt. (Lc.) Netrasiri Doll x C. Thospol Spot*. Love the fiery colors, and the blooms have a faint vanilla scent:

We have two more in spike right now. More pictures when they bloom.

* 1/15/10: Thank you Dwight Langius of the Lincoln Orchid Society for the corrected plant name. I appreciate your help!


Jay said...

Beautiful!!! I am afraid I have kind of neglected my flowers while gone...but the hummingbirds remained soon as I filled their feeders they were back!

Jacq said...

Your orchids are beautiful. Great pictures.

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