Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The tale of the 18 foot Christmas Tree

While in Denver, we helped our friends cut down a Christmas Tree in the nearby National Forest. What an adventure! They had obtained a permit and scouted the perfect tree, so Friday morning we trekked into the woods to chop it down and bring it home.

Here it is! And only one mile downhill on a very snowy trail:

Getting ready to cut it down. I think it is bigger than that little blue tarp:

Cutting it down was the easy part. Now how do we get it back up the trail?

After much tugging, pulling and hoisting, the tree is on it's way:

OK, it's by the car. How do we get it home? It's bigger than the car! And we're all exhausted from the climb out:

Erik had better drive home slowly...

On the way out of the forest we met Smokey the Bear. Elena was excited:

We had to cut off 1 1/2 foot of trunk to make the tree fit in the living room. Final height was therefore 16 1/2 feet. It was 10 feet across at the base, and getting it in the front door was an amazing feat of pushing and pulling. That's Erik in the picture for scale:

Janet has promised to send a picture of the tree fully decorated, as well as an account of the number of strings of lights needed. Can't wait to see it!

Our own tree is going to look pretty small this year. Our ceilings are only 10 foot....

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Jay said...

Great pics! Reminds me of our first Christmas when we cut down a tree in the forest in Alaska...we had to cut quite a bit off when we got back to our little apt.!

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