Thursday, February 11, 2010


Woke up this morning to this view out my back door:

I love the snow in the blue light of early morning. What a beautiful sight!

It is still snowing heavily (at 11:30 am) and it is supposed to continue until late tonight. I just heard on the radio that this has the potential to be the heaviest single snowfall in Dallas/Fort Worth. I'm so glad I am home and warm and cozy!

Earlier this morning, a moving truck got stuck on the hill in front of our house. It's not a very big hill, the grade is probably 2 or 3%, but they were having a a rough time of it. Two very cold looking men with shovels were trying to clear the roadway:

The finally got up, but my poor live oak tree took a terrible battering. They ripped off several low hanging branches (one about 3" in diameter) and actually bumped the trunk during one of their backslides. I'm hoping the tree will be ok.

What a horrible day to have the movers come!

I'm enjoying the snowy day (except for the tree part), dyeing fabric and gazing out the window. After my next stirring of the dye pots, I need to venture out into the cold and fill up the bird feeder. It's a busy place today!

But first, I think I'll make another cup of tea...

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