Friday, April 12, 2013

Studio Pics

Nina-Marie is hosting a "Sew Many Spaces" studio party on her blog. I thought I'd play along!

Full disclosure:  I didn't tidy my studio before I took these pictures this morning.  It's in a normal state of disarray, because  I am in the middle of piecing "Tuning Fork #12." I don't work well if my workspace is chaotic, so I try to keep the mess under control.  But it is a little messy.

My studio is actually the master bedroom of our house.  It is 16' x 23', which seemed big when we moved in, but filled up fast when I moved my quilting things in.  It's on the second floor and has a dormered ceiling.   My favorite features are the 5 large windows -- 3 on the West wall and 2 on the South wall.  I love the light and my treetop view.
View from the SW corner
Cutting Table
Sewing machine, ironing board and design wall.  Note sofa against the west wall of windows.  Very convenient for contemplating designs.
Fabric/supply storage area
View of Gammill table.  I'm standing just inside of the doorway facing the South windows.
Tuning Fork 12 is coming along!


Nina Marie said...

Did you hear me laugh out loud when you said it was your Master bedroom. Only an artist would take the coolest room in the house and turn it into a studio! Our master bedroom is huge too - 35 by 14 - at one time I had my sewing area on one side and our bed on the other. But I outgrew that space plus clutter from both areas kept migrating to the other's space - they just didn't play well together!

mad elena said...

So glad you didn't sanitize it. I can show my other half how a real working studio should look.

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Wow! I wish I could convince my hubby that I should have the master bedroom for my studio! I am way too crowded in the space I have right now!

Laura said...

Your tuning fork quilt is gorgeous, I just love all those colors against black and greys!

Mandy Pedigo said...

I'm glad you didn't clean first - it made me feel better. I love that you took over the master bedroom. My husband and I briefly considered getting rid of the living room furniture for studio space. The problem was we both wanted it.

Nancy Bowron said...

It is amazing how we creatives can be so content amidst what outsiders call a "mess"! And since we spend so much time in our space, it is only fitting to take the best in the house! Good for you!

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