Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back in the Studio...

...after my "Master Composition" class at the Crow Timber Frame Barn.  The class was two weeks long, and more of an "independent study" than an actual class, but my classmates and I still worked very long hours and very intensely.  I completed two new pieces, one tuning fork and another not a tuning fork.  Nancy felt that working outside of my current series would challenge me, and she was right.  I felt very challenged.  I have not posted photos of either quilt, because I feel that they are both pretty good pieces.  Several art quilt shows do not allow photos to appear anywhere, even on the artist's blog, before the show.  So no pictures yet.

I got back Memorial Day weekend, exhausted and exhilarated.  After a fun weekend with B, I got back into the studio on Tuesday.  And despite my fatigue I managed to make two small studies.

This first piece was made using two motifs that I played with at the Barn.  The triangles/angles are very bossy (by that I mean that they attract a great deal of attention and do not play well with the more rectangular shapes), and I wanted to see if I could make them work in a composition.
N.M. #2, 19" x 21"
The color palette for this study was the May color challenge for studioQ.  I'm very happy with the palette, and with the way my little piece turned out.

I still hadn't made a piece for the April color challenge.  Sorry, Kay (she chose the palette), I just couldn't get excited about the dusky pinks and blues.  The swatches included a very dark brown, so I pulled two solid browns from my stash and did a "liney" piece.  I felt it minimized the dusky pinks.  And I like the way it looks.
Lines, 24" x 20"
This weekend B & I plan to work in the garden.  I'm concentrating on weeding and fertilizing the turtles' part of the back yard.
Shelly, looking for food
Our new guardian of the veggie garden and the blueberry patch.
What can I say, it was a Christmas present!
A new lily

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Donna K. from N. Texas said...

the color palette and design of your triangles quilt really grabs my attention. Just love it.

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