New Work

Last week I pieced two small quilts for the latest studioQ color challenge.  I decided to make a strippy-ish quilt, so I cut one strip, in varying widths,  from each of the colors in the challenge palette.  I had chosen more than one values of some of the colors, so there were quite a few strips.  I pieced a small piece together (I think it is 22" x 28" at this point) and decided it was ok.
Composition #1
But I had lots of strips left over.  What should I do?  How about another strippy piece?!  And voila:
Composition #2
 I hung the two pieces on the design wall, and over the weekend I kept walking by and thinking, "hmmmm."  Thinking can sometimes be bad, but I seem compelled to do it anyway.  So today, I decided to sew the two small pieces together.  It is now about 22" x 45".    And this afternoon I quilted it, so I can't change my mind.
Composition #3

What do you think?  Good decision or bad decision?  I'd like some opinions.

And, as long as I'm in a questioning mood, how about this orientation?

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Jayne said…
Gorgeous! I like it vertical. Your work is wonderful! I know what you mean about thinking about it too much! I find myself doing that too. Things like this turn out so much better when the 'flow' takes over and it almost becomes mindless creativity.
tink's mom said…
Love it. I like it vertical but I like it upsidedown vertical. The busier block on the bottom.
I agree with Tink's mom. Love the look either way.
Alycia said…
I love it!!! I like it vertical as well... what a fabulous piece!!
Claire said…
I liked the top part better alone; but I like the bottom part better combined. How is that for an on-the-fence answer?
Hilary Florence said…
Good decision and definitely vertical
Norma Schlager said…
Like them combined. Like them vertical. And your wonderful corduroy quilting will really bring it to life.
Heather Pregger said…
Thanks everyone! And vertical seems to be the correct orientation. I may put a hanging sleeve on both short sides, because I can't decide whether it is more dramatic with the busy part at the bottom or the top. There is something more dramatic (to me) with having the busy part at the top...