Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Busy Day in the Studio

I had a very long and productive day in the studio yesterday.  Brian is out of town, and unfettered by the demands of making lunch, dinner or even getting fully dressed (i.e. makeup and coordinating outfit), I spent a full 10 hours sewing.  And I made these:
I had visited Elm Street Studio on Friday to check out the space.  My first solo show will open there on January 6.  I wanted to see the current show hanging, an exhibition of oil paintings by Marie Maines, and to try to decide which pieces of mine would be best for the show.

Marie Maines had some small pieces, approximately 10" x 10", hanging in stacks of three, that looked very nice.  I decided to make a few.  The 6 pieces above are approximately 12" x 12" before quilting.  The small blue piece on the right is 13" x 16".

So today I will be quilting.  The deadline is looming.  Wish me luck!


Stitchwhiz said...

These look very nice Heather! And isn't it a great feeling to be so productive and satisfied with a good day's work? I'll mark my calendar to get over to Keller to see your show. Maybe you could set up a Facebook invite or reminder to all your friends, too.

Heather Pregger said...

Thanks, Mary! We haven't set a date for the reception yet, probably the weekend after the show is hung, so I haven't made an official announcement yet. But the show will be hung January 5, and will be open to the public on January 6.

I'll be "advertising" it soon!

Maria Shell said...

You are doing great Heather! I am so Impressed with you are staying on TASK.

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