Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hard at Work (or Hardly Working?)

To clarify, I'm the one hard at work.  Boomer, I'm afraid, isn't working very hard. Quite the contrary.
My father-in-law is here for a visit and we've given him our bedroom, located on the first floor of the house.  Much easier for him than climbing the stairs up to the guest room.  As a consequence, I put most of my clothes in a suitcase*, and the suitcase on my studio couch.  Boomer has claimed it as his own, and I am only allowed to access my clothing with his permission.

I, on the other hand, am working very hard.  This week, I've been working on another blue piece.  I don't think this one is finished.  The upper left corner is bothering me.....
But mostly, I've been quilting.  For days.  I'm working on the Salt Marsh piece:
I have perhaps two more days of quilting left on this one.  Considering the fact that my f-i-l is here and I can't work in my studio for a full day.

*Full disclosure:  the suitcase actually only contains a fairly small percentage of my clothing.  I emptied two drawers in my dresser and made room in the closet.

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Karol Kusmaul said...

Hi Heather. Love your sunshiny studio!! Karol

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