Tuesday, April 5, 2016

St. Lucia, Part One

I've been gone for two weeks, and I'm finally catching my breath.  It's hard to believe we were in St. Lucia two weeks ago, staying at a really stunning house on a small, rocky peninsula.  The house was built to command spectacular views on all sides - Anse Ger (Ger Cove) to the north, a small cove with a volcanic shore to the south, and the Atlantic ocean to the east. 
Satori House. Micoud, St. Lucia

Seen from the 1st point south of the house
When we talked to locals about where we were staying, they would laugh and say "Oh, you're staying in the boat house!"  You can see why they would call it that.

The house was fully open to the outdoors, with enough breeze to keep it cool and to keep the mosquitos away.

View from the steps leading to the roof deck
We spent a great deal of time on the roof deck, both in the mornings and evenings.  It had a fabulous view in all directions.
Including up.  It was the week of the full moon

Janet and I on the roof deck (taken by Brian from the ground level)
And the views were amazing!
Standing on the point looking northeast
There is a reef in the mouth of Anse Ger, which made the wave action spectacular!  The waves broke over the reef and rolled all the way to shore.
Anse Ger, to the north, storm rolling in

Small cove to the south
I think I took 200 photographs in every direction!  The view was different with every change in the light and the clouds. And it was always stunning.

Stay tuned for more!


Norma Schlager said...

Dynamite house! I can see why you loved it.

Richard Clingaman said...

Great photos of the house on St. Lucia, Heather. We'll be staying there for two weeks in March 2018. Do you have any suggestions of things we must do on the east side of St. Lucia? Restaurants? Markets? Nature? Thanks, Richard (We're in Tucson.)

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