The Miro Challenge

Joan Miro is one of my favorite artists.  Maybe my absolute favorite.  So, when it was my turn to choose a piece for the monthly studioQ challenge, of course I chose one of his paintings.

Miro (1893-1983) was a Catalan, from Barcelona, Spain.  His work bridges abstract art and surrealism.  The painting I chose was "Woman with 3 hairs, bird and constellations," (1973).
It was interesting to see what everyone did with this painting as inspiration.  You can see that some took the painting fairly literally and some used it more as a jumping off point.  Our pieces are spread out on the table below:
I made two pieces.  I thought my first looked a bit cartoonish:
I liked my second one better:
Several fun pieces shown at Monday's meeting:
Jay's scrap piece
Wendy's piece made almost entirely of mens' work shirts
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Mari said…
Nice use of color. Your pieces also remind me of Mondrian, though a bit wonkier than he would have liked!
Marianne said…
Beau challenge bravo
Norma Schlager said…
Its interesting to see the different interpretations. Yours are great!
LA Paylor said…
Hi Heather! I love Miro too. One of my faves. The interpretations were fun to see. I then looked at it as my challenge, and would do something angular with solid color and black outline. I think. Pieced. Anyway, it made me think, and that's a good thing these days, thinking about art instead of hand wringing. LeeAnna
Miro and Mondrian are favorites of mine, too, Heather. Wonder if you could push this further Miro meets tuning forks.