NTAQ Meeting Report

My critique group has finally named itself.  Good thing, because I'm tired of saying "my critique group."  We've decided to call ourselves North Texas Art Quilters, NTAQ for short, pronounced "En-Tack."  As an avid watcher of the NCIS crime dramas, I think this is a very fine acronym.  It sounds very official and military.  Don't mess with NTAQ!

We met yesterday and revealed our pieces for the latest challenge, "Cliche" by Stuart Davis.  The pieces produced this month were obviously related, both to the source painting and to each other, but we all managed to put our own twist upon it.  If I do say so myself, we did a great job!
Our pieces.  Wow!
"Cliche" by Stuart Davis
You might remember I blogged about my piece here and here.  I really enjoyed this challenge.

The program last month was small collages that were fused, hand stitched and mounted on 4" x 4" canvases.  Some of us brought ours to the meeting.
I am really not a fuser, so this project was totally out of my normal comfort zone.  Which is a very good place to be every once in a while.  

On a totally different note, B and I made mango frozen yogurt last night.  I'd purchased mangoes before I left for Ohio but they never got ripe enough to eat.  By the time I got home they were a bit beyond ripe.  So I cut them up and we dusted off the ice cream maker.  It was delicious!  And very welcome on a hot, steamy summer day!