The Opening at the Goodrich Gallery

The show opened Sunday afternoon, and it was fabulous!  Brian and I got there early and took a few pictures before the crowd showed up.  
The Front Door 
A red and black tableaux (featuring some new tuning fork quilts and Banded Iron Formation #1)
Looking down the gallery -- north wall 
Looking down the gallery -- south wall
TF 17, Marble, Wild Thing (small piece on top) and One Blue Roof
At the beginning, a few folks came in...
And then it got busy!
It was a wonderful opportunity to share my art! 
The people who made it possible!  Barbara (left) provided the refreshments,
Melissa (second from left) invited me to exhibit.  Candace was the coordinator.

I love talking to people about my work!
Melissa and I - photo by Carol Morrisey


Looks fabulous! Congratulations!
Simply stunning……so happy for you….your work deserves this recognition!
Norma Schlager said…
It looks like a fabulous show! Congratulations! I see that you're wearing "my" scarf.