Trying Out a New Process On a New Challenge

After doing the things that needed doing after two weeks away from home (stuff like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning...), I finally got into the studio on Wednesday.  And it felt fantastic!

Well, it didn't feel fantastic to face the empty design wall.  That felt a bit sad and very daunting.  After the big deadline of the show, I have absolutely no projects in process.  Where to start?

At the NTAQ meeting we were given a new challenge, "The Peasants" by Pablo Picasso.  The piece isn't due until our next meeting, which is over a month away, but I thought I would give it a go.  It seemed a good place to start.

My cutting table had been taken over by painted paper scraps, leftovers from the class with David Hornung.  I had a brilliant idea -- why not make a collage and work from that?
Just a bit of painted paper......
The original painting is from Picasso's Rose period, painted in 1906.  It depicts two figures, two oxen and a box of flowers.  Here is the picture pinned on my design wall.
I decided to make a small painted paper collage, recreating the composition in geometric shapes.  Not only would it be fun to see if I could turn a paper collage into a finished quilt, it would also allow me to clear some of the paper off my cutting table.  Win-win.

I started gluing pieces of paper in the upper left corner, reducing the background and figures to squares and rectangles and more or less matching the colors  As I got farther down towards the lower right corner, I started moving farther away from the original composition.  After I filled the collage with squares and rectangles, I added a few lines -- black, gold and blue.  I felt it needed a few lines.

I managed to make a piece I rather liked, only upsetting the cup of glue once.  Did I mention that I am a messy gluer?  It is kind of a problem...
Painted Paper Collage, 7" x 9"
The next step was recreating the collage in fabric.  I found that I had all of the colors I needed in my fabric inventory.  Not that surprising, I guess....I have a rather large fabric inventory.  I broke the piece into sewable sections and got to work.

I think the final piece is pretty close to the original collage.  I changed the proportions a little, especially of some of the linear elements, but side by side you can see that they are closely related.
Collage with as yet unnamed challenge piece, 31" x 39"
It was fun working this way.  In fact I'm on my way up to the studio to make another collage.  Perhaps it will also turn into another quilt!

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Looks like you are on a roll. Go for it.
Denise Spillane said…
Wow! Love it but girl, you are speedy. So cool. Your vision s amazing.
Linda M said…
Wow! That looks great.
What a cool idea!! Sounds like you have provided me with my next artistic challenge... Now let's see if my Art Bee friends agree!