A Day at the Modern

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!  The North Texas SAQA Circle took a tour of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth's new Ron Mueck exhibit.  I love the Modern, and I love my SAQA friends, so I thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Ron Mueck has exhibited at the Modern before -- in fact, he had a solo exhibit not long after I moved to Fort Worth.  He specializes in human figures, either very large scale or somewhat small scale, and his sculptures are compelling.  The sunbathers, "Under the Umbrella," were my favorite piece in the show.  They were huge -- as you can see by comparing them to the live human figure at the very right of the picture - and very endearing.
Mueck worked as a puppeteer and in special effects for TV and film before focusing on fine art.  He makes clay models of his sculptures and then casts them in resin or silicone.  It can take more than a year to complete a sculpture.

A sign in the gallery.  Do these two sentences really need to go together?
Two more of his pieces:
Drift by Ron Mueck
Some fellow SAQA artists examining "Woman With Shopping"
The Modern had a new acquisition, Epic 2, 2009, by Teresita Fernandez.  I hadn't seen it before.  It was large and arresting. When you examined it closely you could see that it was composed of graphite and magnets.  Very cool!
Epic 2, 2009 by Teresita Fernandez
I had never seen this piece before, although the sign indicated it had been a part of the museum's permanent collection since 1995.  It is composed of latex paint on the wall.  And the ceiling.  How do you take a piece like that down to store it?
Self Portrait with Big Ears (Learning to be Free) by Jonathan Borofsky
And another piece I had not seen before, which the museum has owned since 1953:
Trio, 1953 by Bror Utter
I really love this piece.  Both the palette and the organic shapes.  I'm glad they are displaying it now and that I had a chance to see it.

That's one of the reasons I love visiting the Modern -- there is always something new to see.  And I love to revisit my old favorites.

A week ago, at the Dallas Quilt Show, I bought an ice dyed bundle from Jules Rushing of Studio Jules Art.  It contained about 1 yard of fabric total -- a piece of dark blue, several pieces of dark red violet, some dark purples, several medium multi colored pieces and two strips of acid yellow-green.  I thought it would be an interesting challenge to make a quilt using only the bundle.  But as the quilt grew, I found that unless I wanted it to be very small (which I didn't -- I felt like going a little bigger.  Just because.) I needed to add a bit more fabric.  So I added some of my own hand dyed dark purple and a bit of Kaufman Kona eggplant.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this little piece:
As Yet Untitled, 17"w x 22"h, © 2018
I haven't named it yet.  Any suggestions?


I don't have a title suggestion but love your little piece. The colors make me think of Eggplant.