The 2018 Dallas Quilt Show

I LOVE the Dallas Quilt Show.  It is always a great day, giving me a chance to see old friends and to view some very beautiful quilts.  I went to the show yesterday, and thought I'd show a few pictures of quilts that caught my eye.

This first quilt is by Natalie Friedman.  It was inspired by the Japanese custom of hanging paper wishes on trees:
Japanese Wish Tree by Natalie Friedman
This quilt is by Kay Scheffer.  I love her use of a single motif.  It's a beautiful piece:
Twigs by Kay Scheffer
 This quilt is by Sherrie Tootle.  I loved the texture and stitching.  Here are two detail shots:
Soil Signatures Using Remote Sensing Gamma Ray Spectrometry by Sherrie Tootle, Detail 1
Soil Signatures Using Remote Sensing Gamma Ray Spectrometry by Sherrie Tootle, Detail 2
Wendy and I had quilts right next to each other in the Art Quilt category:
 Carol Morrissey won second place in art quilts for her portrait of her grandson:
Jake by Carol Morrissey
I had four quilts in the show.  This is Dancers:
 And Galligantus made it's debut:
 My fourth quilt in the show, The Salt Marsh at First Encounter Beach, won an honorable mention in Art Quilts.

N. A. Jones had two quilts in the show.  Her use of fabric and her hand stitching blew me away:
Confetti Spiral by N. A. Jones, Detail
She also had a whole cloth quilt in the show.  The stitching was amazing:
Segues by N. A. Jones, Detail
I loved this small piece with the string detail:
Sun and Moon by Linda Creagh
Barbara Oliver Hartman had four quilts in the show.  This was my favorite:
Somewhere VI by Barbara Oliver Hartman
 Tonya Littmann's cat quilt was wonderful.  Wonder what that feline is plotting?
Hazel by Tonya Littmann
I loved this cheeky take on the British Flag:
God Save the Queen by Christina Lee
This quilt in the modern category was paper pieced:
Balancing Act by Gillian Golborne
 Karen Stone had several quilts in the show.  I loved her intense machine quilting:
Wonderful World by Karen K. Stone, Detail
The Dallas show is always very inspirational.  It is open through Sunday at Market Hall in Dallas.  If you get a chance, come on by!


Louise said…
Congratulations on your Honorable Mention! It was well deserved :)
Norma Schlager said…
Beautiful quilts, including yours. Thanks for sharing and kudos on your win.