What do I want to accomplish in 2019?

I started this morning as I usually do.  I wrote a to-do list.  I find that there is something very satisfying about listing out the tasks of the day.  Or rather, I find it immensely satisfying to cross things off the list as I finish them.  To be honest, I enjoy it so much that I sometimes write mundane things on the list just for the pleasure of crossing them off.  Items like "feed the cat" (as if he would let me forget that!), "check my email" (never forgotten), "make a pot of coffee" (I've never needed to be reminded of that, either) give me a good start to the list.  So by my first cup of coffee I've accomplished three things!  It gives me a boost.
So I sat down on New Year's Day and wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2019.  A to-do list for the year.

After struggling with the list for a bit, I decided to approach it from a different angle.  Rather than make "resolutions," I would first list items I wanted to do more of, and then items I wanted to do less of.  So here is my list:


Teaching and lecturing
Efficient studio hours
Time for friends and family
Drawing and sketching
Healthy foods
Museum and gallery visits
Exploration, both geographical and artistic


Social media
Sugary foods
Hanging out with negative people
I am not going to quantify the number of quilts I want to finish or the number of shows I want to enter.  2018 was a good year in many ways, but it was also a very hard one.  Family obligations and grief kept me from the studio and I only completed half of the pieces I expected to finish.  So this year I am going to work mindfully and efficiently.  And I will make more time for my friends and my family.  And I will explore new techniques and new places.

What are your plans for 2019?


Robin W. said…
I love this idea, Heather! I'll have to sit down now, and come up with my own "More and Less" to-do lists. (And sometimes I will add things I've accomplished after the fact, just so I can cross something off my to-do lists. LOL)
Maria Shell said…
Our lists are almost identical! I would trade salty for sweet and that is it! Happy New Year Heather. Much love from the north!
Vera Holmgren said…
Love reading your blog, not only your idea about the list, it is the way you write I love. About your knitting shawls, Scottish traditions etc. Thanks for sharing!
LA Paylor said…
good list. I like the More Less concept. Explore is my word, so I was interested to see it show up on your list, and will be watching to see what you find!