Accidental Beauty

Last June I took a class on layering with thickened dye from the talented Carol Soderlund.  Under Carol’s direction, I created many yards of beautiful screened, stamped, stenciled, and painted cloth.  But my favorite pieces from the class may be the ones I created by accident.

Carol suggested we use pieces of PFD fabric both under the pieces we were printing and to wipe our tools,  mop up spills, and clean out cups of leftover thickened dye.  The fabric was unprepared for dyeing, which in technical terms means it had not been presoaked in a soda ash solution, and as each piece of fabric became soaked in dye I sealed it in a ziplock bag.  Last weekend I poured a little soda ash solution in each of the bags (to enable the dye to react with the cloth) and, after letting it “batch” overnight, I washed them out.

I love these serendipitous pieces of fabric!  
It will be great fun using these pieces of fabric.   I can’t wait to get started!


Norma Schlager said…
I agree that these serendipitous fabrics are great! Some of my best projects came about from "accidents".