Thanksgiving in Evergreen! What an adventure!

Thanksgiving was a mixed bag of fun and drama.  We spent it, as we usually do, visiting our friends in Evergreen, Colorado.  Before we left, Brian and I wrapped their Christmas gifts.  Kippers was very helpful:
It was a beautiful drive to Colorado, through the Llano Estacado of Western Texas, across the high plains of northeastern New Mexico, over the Raton Pass and along the front range of the Rockies to Denver.  The weather was absolutely balmy.  Until Monday.  On Monday, it started to snow:
And it just kept snowing:
Sixteen inches in all.  Brian's poor little Mini disappeared in a snowdrift:
But we were warm and cozy inside.  We occupied ourselves with a jigsaw puzzle:
We did a little wine tasting:
We love to wine taste.  We carefully check the wine for color and clarity, "sniff", and flavor.  And we solemnly record our impressions on wine tasting cards.  As the session progresses, our comments get a little less serious and a little more outrageous.  It's fun!
And I provided a little drama.  I had fallen down a few stairs the week before Thanksgiving.  I kind of thought that my foot was broken, but after a web search and a self diagnosed broken metatarsal, I decided that there wasn't much that could be done.  And I really didn't have time to deal with it.  But the pain got pretty unbearable, so the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I visited an Urgent Care Center in Denver.  They were very nice.  So here I am waiting for my x-ray results:
And then I pretty much spent the rest of the holiday week in this boot in this chair:
Thanksgiving dinner was amazing.  Fun and delicious:
And we had musical entertainment!
The day after Thanksgiving it was time for the annual Christmas tree hunt in the nearby National Forest.  I had to give it a miss.  A walking boot and a snowy trail seemed like a recipe for disaster.  So I stayed home and knitted.
The intrepid tree hunters chose an 18' Colorado Blue Spruce.  It looked great in the living room:
We left, alas, before the tree was decorated.  Luckily the roads were clear all the way home.  And Kippers was mighty glad to see us!  Janet had sent her a pair of Santa pants and, although she hasn't quite grasped the fact that she is supposed to go in them (they are warm and snuggly inside and out), she has decided that they are a wonderful place for a nap: