The Reed and Barton Christmas Tree

I know I tell this story every year, but it is one of my favorite Christmas rituals.  So here it is again.
In 1971, my mother bought a sterling silver Christmas cross.  It was the premiere of a new series by Reed & Barton, an authentic reproduction of a cross designed by Gallicus in Prague in the 16th century. 
Galicia cross -- the first of the series
My mother loved that little cross.  It came wrapped in a velvet bag, with a brochure outlining the history of the design. It was elegant, historical and it looked great on the Christmas tree.
Every year, she ordered the new edition of the cross.  We were always excited to see the beautiful new designs, and to read about their origins.  In time she had so many that she hung them on their own small Christmas tree.  

When mom died, my brother Andrew and I decided to split up the crosses.  Mom had 32 at the time.  We agreed that I would take the crosses from the odd numbered years and Andrew would take the crosses from the even numbered years.  And that we would each continue the collections, me the odds, Andrew the evens.

I cherish my little tree full of crosses.  Every year, I take all of the ornaments out of their little bags, polish those that need polishing, read some of the history, and hang them on the small tree I bought just for them.  It's one of the Christmas rituals I truly enjoy, and I always am flooded by memories of Christmas with my mother.  I display it in my dining room: 
 Some of my favorite pieces:
Every year, I arrange and rearrange the crosses.  And when I am finally happy with them, I put the tree on a table in the dining room:
Christmas is a time for memories.  And this little tree holds some of my favorites.


Norma Schlager said…
I also have a collection of silver tree ornaments given to me by my late husband. Mine are not all crosses, but some are jingle bells, bells with handles, snowflakes and angels. I'm sure you know that each silver company makes a new ornament each year. They are on my big living room tree that has all silver colored and white ornaments Unfortunately they get kind of lost among all the other ornaments. Your look lovely displayed all by themselves.
Merry Christmas and good memories!