It's been a frantically busy month....

....mostly because I've been getting ready for Wendy's and my show at the Fort Worth Community Art Center.

March 1 through 28, 2020

Reception March 28, 2020
6 pm to 9 pm

Fort Worth Community Art Center
300 Gendy St.
Fort Worth, TX  76107

I've been making new work for this show, and have been extremely busy piecing, quilting and sewing facings, sleeves and labels.

The reception will be held at the end of the show, during Spring Gallery Night in Fort Worth.  We are very excited to be featured at the Fort Worth Community Art Center during Gallery Night, which is held twice a year by the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association.  

On top of that, I've been trying to spend a couple of hours a day cuddling Kippers.  My poor little kitten, she spent 8 weeks in a kennel because of a knee injury that resulted in some pretty serious surgery.  She was only allowed out to sit on our laps.  But good news!  She had her final recheck yesterday and  her X-rays showed that her knee has healed.  She's out of the kennel!
 And, as you can see, she is thoroughly enjoying her freedom.
The only downside is that she has already taken over my wool pressing mat.  Oh well, I'd rather share the mat and have a happy, healthy kitten!


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