Works in progress

I haven't posted much, but I do have an excuse. I've been really really busy.

First of all, I've been longarm quilting for others. That always comes first. I've also attended a class with Susie Monday at El Cielo Studios near San Antonio, a retreat on Lake Texoma with the Trinity Valley Quilters Guild and a retreat near Brenham with the Woodlands Area Quilt Guild. I also spent over a week in bed with bronchitis.

On top of all of that, I have taken two online classes -- Better Art By Design with Liz Berg (which is still in progress) and Think Like an Artist with Pamela Allen.

The class with Susie was a great way to start the year. We made a beautiful coptic journal and did a lot of creative exercises. I felt renewed and energized. And met some very nice fiber artists, mainly from San Antonio.

The three quilts at the beginnings of this post are from Pamela's class. The first is a black and white still life, the second I call "Escape by Night" and the third is a self portrait. Kind of.
"Escape by Night" was inspired by one of my box turtles. I have three living in my backyard -- Em, Tug and Charlie. They were given to me by a friend who has turned her backyard into a wildlife sanctuary. Her turtle population has exploded, so she has been looking for other homes for them. My backyard was deemed suitable, so I now have my own turtle population.
Em, in particular, is always trying to escape. She never goes very far, but she does take every opportunity to go over or under the fence. I usually find her in the neighbor's yard, trying to get back into our yard.
For the quilt, I turned Em into a sea turtle. But she's still heading for that elusive something on the other side of the fence.
I have a number of quilts from Liz's class -- I'll post those next.