Happy Memorial Day!

I love Memorial Day!  Growing up in Ohio, I always looked forward to our town's parade, which marched down Main Street to the cemetery at Victory Park, followed by a short memorial service and a very loud and scary 21 gun salute.  In the afternoon we always had a picnic lunch and in the evening there was usually a band concert on the green and fireworks at dusk.  

We had a lovely weekend, although it didn't involve fireworks or parades.  We did have a picnic of sorts, but the hot, humid weather forced us to eat it inside.  Oh, well!  It's already summertime here in Texas.

We did manage spend a little time outside.  Our daylilies are at their peak, and we spent several mornings weeding, planting and deadheading.  We even ventured out to a nursery, and bought a few plants, as well as potting soil and fertilizer.  

Jersey Spider, my favorite!

On Sunday, we met some friends at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  I'd never been to a Ren Fair before, and I found it very entertaining.  My favorite part was the turtle races:

Introducing the competitors
The Victor!  Making his victory lap.
Actually, I enjoyed the fair quite a bit.  We saw a fabulous glassblowing demonstration, heard some great music and ate some really nice fish and chips.  

We also went to the Fort Worth Gem and Mineral Show.  We found several nice specimens, including a gorgeous piece of gemmy red Sphalerite.   


Jaye said…
My daughter, Andrea has a friend who dresses up for the Faire...she and her husband...and have talked Andrea into doing so also. Angie makes fairy wings...and sells them on line...hoping to get a booth at the Faire someday...they go every weekend it is open!! Your yard looks beautiful!!!
Stitchwhiz said…
LOL at the thought of racing turtles! Like you, I have fond memories of Memorial Day growing up in Ohio. Dad always took us kids to the family cemetery in Circleville and we would groom the graves and plant flowers. There were some yucca plants at my grandparents' graves in honor of some family members who had ventured off to live in Texas! Like me, many years after them. Dad hated those yucca plants and thought they were ugly.