Happy Birthday to Andrew!

I have the best brother ever.  However, like most big sisters, I didn't always think so.  I had been an only child for five years when Andrew came along, and I will admit that I resented the little rascal when he showed up.  How dare he steal the spotlight!
 But he did eventually grow on me.
Although it took some time.

Somehow he grew into a less of a pest and more of a man.
I lifted this picture off Facebook this morning.  I hope Jennifer doesn't mind.  But it's a wonderful picture of Andrew with his grandson, Nathan, who has just turned one.  How can my baby brother be a grandpa?

Happy birthday, Andrew!  I am so glad to have you in my life!


Jaye said…
Brothers are pretty nice to have around! Mine is nine years younger! And I can definitely relate to your history together!
Maria Shell said…
Great post Heather! Happy Birthday to your brother!
Andrew Blair said…
I love you sis !
Thank you so much.
LA Paylor said…
very touching... he looks like Tom Cruise in Risky business!
Vivien Zepf said…
This is a great post!