I Lost the Battle....

But I may have won the war.

It's time to relate the saga of the Pregger Christmas tree.

You may recall, Brian and I cut down a tree in the Pike National Forest the day after Thanksgiving.  Most years we choose a tree that is 5 or 6 feet tall.  Small enough to fit in the car (with the trunk between us in the front seat and our suitcases and other luggage placed carefully among the branches in the back), but large enough to use as our primary Christmas tree.  But this year, everything in the forest was covered with heavy snow, we were very tired from carrying the large 16 foot spruce our friends had chosen down the snowy trail, and we took the easy way out.  We cut down the first shapely tree we saw that was fairly close to the car.  It is about 3 feet tall.  You may remember, it looked like this:
I was happy with the choice.  It was a) very easy to carry and b) fit easily in the car.  I felt that it would make a lovely tree on a tabletop in the sun room.  And I was sure that we would buy our primary Christmas tree, the one we put the presents under, at the Optimists' tree lot here in Fort Worth.  Where we have purchased many a lovely tree over the years.

Brian, however, was certain that the tree would look lovely in the living room.  Once it was decorated, it would make a statement.  Kind of like the tree that Charlie Brown chose in "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Right.  Sure.

As the time came for our Christmas guests to arrive, I became less adamant about the tree.  Sure, Brian, put it up in the living room.  It will look fine.  Just put the darn tree up!  People are going to be here soon!  Any tree is better than no tree!

So Brian placed the tree in the tree stand and brought it in.  Hmm, it's a bit short.  Let's put in on a box.
It will look better with the lights and garland.
Ornaments, a tree skirt and presents will help.
Or maybe not. Even Brian admits it is a bit scrawny.

But we did manage to put quite a few ornaments on it.  Including this one, an ornament I made in second grade.  I was so proud of this little elephant, but in retrospect, what do elephants have to do with Christmas?  I guess it doesn't matter -- it reminds me of childhood Christmases.
So we have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year.  Let's hope our Christmas is as wonderful as "A Charlie Brown Christmas!"


Stitchwhiz said…
I love it. That's a great story.
Jaye said…
Very cute!!! Somebody' s gotta love the little guys too, right?
Vivien Zepf said…
Looks adorable! My guess is you'll remember this tree much longer than all the perfect ones you've had.
Any chance your elephant was inspired by the little elephant in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on the Island of Misfit Toys? :) It's still a lovely little tree!
Kerri Green said…
I love that tree!