Merry Christmas to Me!

Last week a friend of mine posted a picture of herself, from the back of course, standing in front of the mammography screening machine (whatever that thing is called).  I had to smile.  Not because I thought it was odd that she would have a picture taken that way, but because I had just scheduled my yearly mammogram.

Why on earth, you say, would you schedule a mammogram for the week before Christmas?  Because, of course, it is my Christmas present to myself.

Yes, mammograms are uncomfortable.  They even hurt a little.  And they are awkward and embarrassing.  And it is a bit scary while you wait to receive your results.  I don't know about you, but I always get very worried they will find something.  Luckily, results arrive pretty quickly these days.

But I have several friends who are battling breast cancer right now.  And more that have been diagnosed and treated in the past.  Early detection is the best defense.

So, no pictures of me in the screening room.  But a clean bill of health.  Merry Christmas!


Jaye said…
Good for you!!! And I so agree!! Great post! I hope everyone reads it and follows your advice!
Norma Schlager said…
Great news! I get mine every November and am always happy when the good report follows.