New Acquisitions

I've just added two pieces to my art quilt collection.

Last spring, I traveled with several friends to La Grange, Texas, to see Sue Benner's solo show at the Texas Quilt Museum.  I love Sue's work, and I was especially taken with her new series, "Spotted Plaid."  A little over a month ago I had the opportunity to buy a small piece in the series -- Spotted Plaid 4.  And so of course, I did!
Spotted Plaid 4 by Sue Benner, 20" x 20"
I am very excited to own a piece by the talented Sue Benner.

I always buy at least one quilt in the SAQA Benefit Auction, which helps fund SAQA's exhibition programs by selling quilts donated by members.  This year I bought a piece by one of my favorite quilts artists, Karen Schulz.  Karen and I met at the Crow Barn several years ago, and were both in the Visions 2014 exhibit in San Diego.  Her work is bold, colorful and very graphic, and I admire it a great deal.   
Wither Thou Goest by Karen Schulz, 12" x 12"
I love my new pieces!


Jaye said…
Congratulations! Both are really beautiful! I love the one Sue sent you!!
Sharon Robinson said…
Love her work, lucky you to have one!!
Vivien Zepf said…
Wow; lucky! These are lovely