Tokyo in the Evening, Tokyo at Night

Hard to believe it's been that long, but I took this photo and this video exactly a year ago.

Our room in Tokyo was in the corner of the 18th floor of the Metropolitan Hotel near Ikebukuro Station.  One window looked Southeast toward Mount Fuji.  You can see Mount Fuji on the right horizon in this photo:
Brian was especially thrilled with the window that looked South.  We could see the lights of Shinjuku on the horizon, and, even more exciting to Brian, we could see the trains coming in and out of Ikebukuro Station.  You can see the trains in this short video:
I had a rather Japanese themed Christmas as far as gifts went this year.
I'm well into my new book.  It's called Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters by Teresa Duryea Wong. Fascinating!

And last night we made a Japanese meal.  Delicious and beautiful!