I've been silent, but busy...

I've been silent for too long.  But I have a very good reason.

I have been hard a work on a quilt that I plan to enter in Quilt National, the most prestigious of the art quilt shows.  Quilt National is unique in that it discourages disclosure of your work before the show opening.  It used to strictly forbid it, but this year the rules are slightly relaxed.  However, old habits die hard, and I am choosing to keep my entry secret until it is no longer relevant (I either get accepted or rejected.)

But that doesn't mean that I haven't been working periodically on other pieces.  I just finished quilting and facing two of the mineral quilts.
Rutile, 49" x 35"
Schist #1, 52" x 54"
And I've made several smaller pieces, not yet quilted.  The studioQ challenge is ongoing, and I've been producing a small piece every month based on an established work of art.

I've also been working a bit in the garden (just a bit, it's very hot in Texas in July), cleaning out cupboards in the kitchen, playing bridge, visiting with friends.  At the moment, everything is on schedule and deadlines have been met, so I'm having a very lovely summer.  It's a wonderful feeling to be caught up, and dare I say, even ahead of schedule.

Happy summer to all of you!


kathy loomis said…
these are very strong pieces! good luck on the QN entries. (I'm not showing mine either, despite the rules change...)
Norma Schlager said…
I love the color palette on these. The strong contrasts are striking. Good luck on QN! I'd be surprised if you didn't get in.