More From Circular Abstractions

Today I thought I'd share a few pictures of quilts and artists.  First is Valerie Maser-Flanagan with her two quilts, Growth Rings #1 and #2.  I love the shading in these pieces.
Next is Patricia Altenburg's piece, City Lights #1.  I love the way her shapes are breaking out of the circle.
Wendy Hook with her quilt, Piet and Repeat.
 Carol Hazen had two pieces in the show.  This is Danger-Wrong Way.  Very cool.
 Patricia Guthrie also had two pieces in the show.  This is Rolling Color.  I love her palette.
Maren Johnston came all of the way from California for the opening.  This is her piece, Emergence.
This is Marina Baudoin with her piece Twister.
I loved these two pieces by Kathy Anso.  The first is In Loving Memory.
This one is Ministry of Silly Walks.  Being an old Monty Python fan, I loved this for the title as well as the piece itself.  It DOES look like John Cleese doing his silly walk.
 This is Fallen by Gael O'Donnel.
 This is Junglescape by Pamela Loewen.  Love the colors and the movement.
Ruth Harmelink made Insight Into My Soul.  It is beautifully pieced.   And stunning.
I thought I'd end this post with a picture I took during the opening ceremony.  Nancy Crow at the podium.  Nancy was the driving force behind this exhibit, and I can't thank her enough.  She is an amazing woman.  Not only is she a brilliant artist, she is a wonderful teacher.
Thank you, Nancy!


Kathy said…
Thanks, Heather, for publishing my quilts and saying nice things about them. I deliberately went sparse as i assumed people would go very, very detailed.
What a fabulous looking show!