The Launch of my 30 Day Creativity Project

My quilt art critique group, NTAQ, started a 30 day creativity challenge on Monday.  Each day each member will make something new, quick and original.  Bethany, for example, is trying out a new machine quilting pattern every day and assembling the results into a reference book.  Michelle plans to do a quick collage each day.  I, however, needed to think about what I wanted to do.

I decided to make a new journal, hoping that the exercise would give me some idea of what I wanted to commit to for the month.  So I got out my stash of Japanese decorative papers, some book board and a pile of hand made paper and made a journal.
I hadn't made a journal in ages.  I took a book making class ten years ago, and I had to look up how to sew the binding, but I enjoyed the process.
 I couldn't leave the first page plain.  So I decorated it.
When digging through my bookmaking box I found a box of stamp carving blocks.  I had ordered them from Dick Blick years ago.   And I had forgotten all about them.
So I decided to make my book a book of original stamp patterns.  Each day I will carve a stamp, and I will print it into my book.   I assembled my materials:
I drew my pattern:
I carved the pattern, keeping in mind that the lines I cut out would not print.  On this block, only the background will print.
Using craft acrylic paint, I inked my block and printed it on a piece of white cardstock.  I glued the cardstock into the journal:
I decided to print on card stock because the papers in the book are much too porous.  I was afraid the acrylic paint would spread.  Besides, I liked the look of the white cardstock agains the ivory paper.

I'll be posting my daily creative effort on Instagram.  Click here to see them.