A Day at the North Texas Quilt Festival

Who doesn't love a quilt show?  The North Texas Quilt Festival, a multi guild show held during the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Arlington, Texas, is always a lot of fun.

Hands down, my favorite part of the show was the SAQA Global Exhibition, Dusk to Dawn.  This exhibit debuted at Houston International Quilt Festival several years ago and has been traveling the world since.  I was lucky enough to see it in Houston, and it was wonderful seeing it again.   Jaye Dodds, our local SAQA Texas rep, was there to ensure that people knew about SAQA.
333 quilts were on display in the judged show.  And there were some lovely quilts.  This is "Winter in the Forest" pieced by Annelle Smith and quilted by Barb Clark.  The pine tree is one of my favorite traditional patterns and I love the addition of an appliquéd border of pine branches:
I love the quilting on this piece, pieced by Christine Atwell and quilted by Darlene Ward:
"Fiesta" by Joyce Martin was my favorite piece in the show.  Isn't it exuberant?
It is hand quilted with perle cotton:
I love a good bullseye quilt.  Circles are so pleasingly graphic.  This is "Beans and Rice", pieced by Linn Jencopale and quilted by Darlene Ward:
By the way, I am giving both the quilter's and piecer's name for each quilt because the NTQF gives equal credit to both.  If you piece a quilt and have someone else quilt it, you must enter it in a two person category.  As a former longarm quilter, I applaud that.

This is "La Dolce Vita", pieced by Amy Archambeau and quilted by Becky Griffith:
This quilt makes me smile.  "Chirp Chirp", pieced by Patricia Bauerschmidt and quilted by Mona Levingston:
Another quilt with circles.  Love them!  This is "Friends, Coffee and Strings".  It is a group quilt made by the members of the Artistic Therapy Bee.  It was quilted by Miriam Hink:
 "Feather" caught my eye.  It is by Pam Gantz:
 Jaye Dodds, my good friend, received three ribbons at the show.  This is "Amish-ish":
"Century Plant, Big Bend" won first place in Art Quilts and received the NACQJ Award of Merit.  It  is a stunning quilt:
 The century plant blossoms are all french knots.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of them:
 Jenn Haxton's "Rainbow Racoon" is a very happy quilt:
It was a lovely day out with friends, looking at the quilts, shopping a bit and having a delicious lunch.  Maybe next year I will be more organized and actually enter a quilt in the show......


piecefulwendy said…
So many lovely quilts! I'm not sure I could sew that many french knots -- that might put me over the edge. Sure makes an impact though! Thanks for sharing. I think you do need to submit some quilts next year!
Julierose said…
just beautiful quilts....thanks for sharing...hugs, Julierose