Linear Abstractions at the Dallas Quilt Show

I'd like to share a few pictures of my show, Linear Abstractions, that was supposed to hang in Dallas in March.  Unfortunately, the show was up for exactly one day before the City of Dallas shut down all public gatherings, but I took a few photos, as did my friend Rägi Marino, the Special Exhibits Chair of the Dallas Quilt Guild, before we pulled it down.

The exhibit contained twenty-seven quilts.  Some early (5 or 6 year old) pieces and some new work.
After I picked up the quilts I had to re-roll them for storage.  Kippers helped make sure that the quilts were flat before rolling:
COVID-19 has changed our world.  A canceled show is a minor problem compared to the overall stress, isolation, fear, and loss that many are facing.    It was a wonderful feeling to see so much of my work hanging together.  I'm glad I at least had pictures of the show.  Thank you, Rägi!


Maria Shell said…
The show looked fabulous! I am very sorry it was on exhibit for such a short time. I know they will be exhibited again for more people to enjoy.
Norma Schlager said…
What a shame, Heather. It looks like a fabulous show in an incredible setting.Do you think they will show it again when all of this is over? I sure hope so. I've always admired your work and this was a great display.
Juliequilt said…
Heather. It was great fun hanging the exhibit with you in Dallas. I can assure everyone that the quilts are fabulous. I have a few pictures of the quilts hanging and a short video I did of the exhibit if you are interested. (It might make you dizzy due to my photo style).